It is my joy and honor to recommend my friend, David Van Fleet, to you. His fifteen years of service in New York City is a testimony of his dedication and perseverance. As the founder and president of F.I.R.E. School of Ministry, it has been my pleasure to have David come in as a guest speaker and lecturer, both in New York City and in Charlotte, sharing with our students the value of servant hood and imparting a vision for reaching the poor and the lost. I’ve also been privileged to speak at conferences alongside David and watch him touch young and old alike with the message of selfless giving. David Van Fleet has given his life to see Jesus exalted in this generation. I heartily recommend him to you!

Michael Brown, PhD.
President, F.I.R.E. School of Ministry


I have known David Van Fleet for seven years. I have had first-hand opportunity to observe him and his excellent ministry, Street Life Ministries. I have also teamed up with him in various conferences across the country. I have also had him as a guest in my house.

Through the years, I have received many verbal statements about David and Robin’s ministry from pastor’s and business leaders from many parts of our nation. A number of them assisted David during the post 9-11 period when he ministered effectively at Ground Zero.

In addition, I have received similar statements from leaders in other nations such as India, as to David’s ministry.

David and Robin have courageously gone where many do not go: to the poor and helpless and homeless. They have reached out with the Gospel and its message of love to peoples from many ethnic and racial backgrounds. They have sacrificed in order to do what their calling demands of them and they have done it with a positive and up-beat attitude.

Their ministry is credible because of their godly character and because of their long tenure of fifteen years of service in New York City.

Their training of young people to minister as they do is very inspiring and gives us hope for the future.

I wholeheartedly recommend them and their effective ministries!

As a footnote, I want to mention that David has been a key to enlisting and activating a number of churches in our relational network to get involved in compassion ministries.

Jim Hodges
President and Founder
Federation of Ministers and Churches International (FMCI)


I have known David Van Fleet for 10 years, during which time he has always been a man of integrity and service. He has faithfully served New York City for over 15 years, 6 of which have been in Flushing, Queens. Over those years he has served the poor and homeless, trained teams of young people for service to the community, and founded Queens House of Prayer (QHOP). David has a proven track record of faithfulness to the poor, needy and disenfranchised. His motive in his work is to lift people of various backgrounds to a higher place so they can fulfill their destiny. I strongly endorse him.

Bishop Joseph Mattera


This letter is to recommend to you David Van Fleet, whom I have known for the past 10 years as a fellow minister in the Flushing, Queens area. As President of Concerts of Prayer Greater New York, I have worked with David Van Fleet in a variety of capacities, and he has always been responsible, dedicated, energetic and trustworthy.

David led a youth rally at an event we held in 2000. Concerts of prayer honored him at our Gala Dinner in 2002 for the work he did following 9-11 in ministering to the needy, hungry, homeless and lonely in the Ground Zero area. The organization he founded, Street Life Ministries, is very active in New York City, helping the poor, homeless and drug addicted to find necessary resources. Their Step Van ministry travels to various areas in Manhattan, stopping to give out soup and offer a listening ear to those who need to talk.

David lives in my community, and has been a caring and responsible neighbor for eight years. I recommend him highly, knowing that your association with him will be a positive one.

Dr. McKenzie Pier
President, Concerts of Prayer Greater New York


This is to certify that I have known the Rev. David Van Fleet, founder and director of Street Life Ministries, for several years. His ministry has prospered in NYC for 15 years (6 in Flushing).

He has a very significant ministry to the poor and homeless in New York City and our community. He trains young people to help the homeless and to serve this community and city.

Rev. Van Fleet is a man of great faith and character. His honesty and integrity are without question. He is a man of his word. Wherever his ministry is located will be a great asset to the community.

Rev. Van Fleet is highly respected by the Flushing Pastor’s Association.

Rev. Dr. John I. Smucker, Pastor
Former pastor of First Presbyterian Church, Flushing, NY


It has been my privilege to work with David Van Fleet and Street Life Ministries for over three years. During this time, David Van Fleet has demonstrated a keen awareness of the needs of the city and of creative methods to effectively meet these needs. We have observed his efforts to partner with other churches and ministries to meet the needs of our communities. We have also observed the sincere dedication that both he and his family possess to their ministry.

In the past three years of the development of our community outreach programs and the planting of our church in the South Bronx, David has been a support through team ministry, outdoor evangelism, and prayer and intercession. He has also provided sound equipment and other assistance for our own outdoor programs. These things have been invaluable to our efforts.

Outside of the aforementioned areas of ministry, David and his family have responded to the personal needs of our home. When my spouse was ill during a difficult pregnancy, they provided meals for our family. This is a demonstration of true friendship and Christ-likeness. We are very grateful for their friendship and their ministry in New York.

We encourage the involvement of other churches, ministries and organizations with Street Life Ministries. We look forward to our continued partnership with them in the future.

Thomas D. Grassano, D.M., Director
Urban Harvest Ministries, Bronx, NY


We at New York City Relief have had the pleasure of knowing and working with David and Robin Van Fleet for a number of years. They have always had a burden for the poor and needy, and out of that burden, Street Life Ministries was born. We applaud the tenacity that they have shown in staying in the inner city when others have abandoned the effort.

The task is large, and ever increasing, as circumstances put more and more people on the street. Therefore, it is good to have Street Life Ministries out on the streets helping to make a small dent in the problem by changing one life at a time.

We appreciate the integrity of David and Robin as a couple, and their integrity transfers to their roles as leaders of Street Life Ministries. They have our full support, and we know that as you get to know Street Life Ministries, you too will want to help in their endeavor.

Richard Galloway, President
New York City Relief


It has been my privilege to be acquainted with Rev. David Van Fleet and his ministry for over six years; first in Elizabeth, NJ and currently in New York City. During this time, I have found him to have unquenchable zeal for Christ, and full of Christian love for the city and it’s people. He and his wife Robin serve in a very sacrificial manner, yet are always willing to help others. David has shown himself to have a cooperative and giving spirit when called to serve with other Christian leaders on a project. He has the commendable and all too rare quality of being willing to surrender his agenda to the greater goals of the Kingdom.

I think that my experience with David is all the more significant in that much of it has come in the course of running a cooperative evangelism event in Times Square on New Year’s Eve. With a chaotic environment, literally hundreds of young people on the streets, and very complex logistics, we have more than an academic test of our sanctification, faith, and ability to work together. David always comes through with flying colors!

I recommend without reservation David, Robin and their family and ministry to Christians everywhere. If more in the Body would follow their example of courage and selfless devotion to Christ we would indeed be blessed.

Rev. Daniel Shaw, Vice President
Christian Urban Partnership – New York


I have known David and his family for more than 20 years, and have partnered with him and SLM on many occasions. I, and New York City Relief, cannot think of a more desirable partnership than with David and SLM. Their passion for the lost and hurting, their commitment to God on a personal and corporate level, are inspirational, and are the foundation of all that the ministry accomplishes in reaching out to the destitute on the streets of NYC. This along with their commitment to making disciples through their internship program, complete their effectiveness in fulfilling the Great Commission.

Thank you David for your unwavering commitment to God expressed so powerfully and beautifully all these years, and in so many ways.

Bill Hoffman, Vice President, General Manager
New York City Relief