Street LIFE Ministries Staff & Interns

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Jessica Hochreiter, Ryan Haines, Mary Anna SmithCarol Werronen,   Robin & David Van Fleet


In 1980, David’s life was radically changed from a lifestyle of selfishness and drug and alcohol abuse to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and he committed himself to Him wholly to know and serve Him intimately. Within a year, he entered a 5 month “Discipleship Training School” in Concord, New Hampshire with Youth With A Mission.

Afterwards, David and Robin were married, and in 1983 she trained in the same 5 month program. Subsequently, they enrolled in the 5 month “School of Evangelism” and graduated in 1984.

In 1984, their family of 3 moved to Manchester, New Hampshire and until 1989, served in two different local churches running weekly meetings connected with the local church and outreaches both in New England and Haiti. After a severe truck collision at David’s job, which almost took his life and left him with permanent neck and back injuries, he began seeking the Lord in prayer for further direction. It was at that time that the Lord directed them back into vocational missions work.

The family (5 by then) entered another 5 month program called “School of Missions” in Salem, Oregon which was also a Youth With A Mission Training School. This was in preparation for their service in the greater New York area. They joined Youth With A Mission Metro New York in March 1990, which was based in Elizabeth, New Jersey. They then served with YWAM, Metro New York through 1997.

David oversaw the operation of the Urban Outreach department of YWAM, Metro New York in which they served incoming teams who wanted to come to the city to make an impact in the areas of mercy ministry, evangelism, and getting to know the “Living God” in a more intimate and practical way daily. They did about every form of evangelism in NYC, sharing personally on the streets, setting up prayer tables to pray for people, performing dramas and live public praise bands in various locations in the city. These things are an expression of YWAM’s motto, “To know God and to make Him known”.

Additionally, both now and in the past, David speaks to all different groups at church services, conferences, retreats for young and old, and any other scheduled meeting. He has led teams of people to do evangelism in other countries such as Canada, Venezuela, Haiti, and the Ukraine and for the past 12 years Brazil. His life and that of his wife and 4 children, is to obey the Holy Spirit, in whatever He says to do and to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Since January 1997, the Van Fleet’s have founded and overseen Street LIFE Ministries, and are committed to see it become all God desires as a means to seeing Christ exalted, and His Body fully mature, and in helping to complete the GREAT COMMISSION!!


Hi, I’m Carol from Minnesota!

Carol-Werronen My walk with Jesus began on February 26, 1992 when a friend led me to the Lord. At that moment I didn’t really understand the commitment I made but I do remember the angels singing. The next four years I wasn’t being discipled and I struggled. Before I started high school, the same friend who led me to the Lord took me on a trip. I was baptized in the Holy Spirit which marked a new stage in my walk. My friend and her dad prayed over me during that time. They prayed that I would find Christian friends and a church. The Lord heard those prayers. At my high school, I got hooked up with a Bible study and received a lot of encouragement there. The next year I was plugged into a church and discipled. It was there I heard God’s call to ministry. My faith grew a lot in high school. I went to Bethel College after that and the Lord continued to teach me. Then He radically changed my direction in life after going on a spring break missions trip to Street LIFE in March 2003.

Since I was planning on full-time ministry, I thought I should go to seminary. God had other plans. The week I was at SLM, the Lord kept telling me I was going to come work here. When I got back home people said I shined. God did an awesome work in my heart that I can’t fully explain. He gave me a heart for the poor and the city. But I continued to pray about moving here. It was a big step especially when I’m not used to the city or being so far from home. But I was hearing confirmation after confirmation. I finally accepted it was from the Lord after my pastor gave a sermon on taking risks for God. I started working on my application shortly after that. I was accepted in August 2003 and never doubted it was God. I arrived on December 27, 2003. One thing I like the most about New York City is the diversity of people. I enjoy the many cultures coming together.

God called me to SLM for many reasons. I came here not only to serve but to be changed by the Lord. He’s preparing me to do the work of His Kingdom.

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Hello! My name is Jess and I am from Toms River, New Jersey. I grew up in church yet it wasn’t until attending a winter retreat with my youth group at thirteen that I had an encounter with God and fully gave my life to Him. At fifteen I went on my first mission’s trip to Street LIFE Ministries and loved every moment of it. That week the Lord spoke to me about my calling to nations and I knew that missions was in my future. Little did I know that I would be serving full time at SLM just a few years later! I was planning on attending college first, but God spoke otherwise. After much prayer during my senior year of high school it became clear that I was to join SLM right after graduating.

I have been with SLM since July of 2006 and am so blessed to be part of a ministry set on knowing the King and advancing His Kingdom. As I serve here my heart for New York City and the lost continues to grow and I see more and more of God’s love and passion for ALL to know Him. I am very thankful that in addition to the Great Commission SLM focuses on discipleship and character building. Ministry isn’t the final goal- becoming like Jesus is! I have learned many valuable lessons in my time here and look forward to learning many more.

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Mary-Anna-Coulter Hello! My name is Mary Anna and I am currently 36 years old. I came from North Carolina in 2008 to begin serving with Street LIFE Ministries, and served full-time in NYC for a little over seven years. In 2015, I married a wonderful man named Brandon and moved to Tennessee, but I still serve remotely with SLM as coordinator of Beautiful One, our outreach to women in the sex industry. I am amazed at all that God has done in and through me in the years I have been part of this ministry! There is nothing that compares to this adventure of faith, and if you feel called to full-time missions I want to encourage you to go for it! I never imagined my life would look like this. In 2004, I was in a desperate state of bondage to drugs, alcohol, sex, and many other sins that I don’t have time to list. And when everything in my life fell apart and I wanted to die, God showed up! I had a radical encounter with the Holy Spirit, gave my life to Him, and He set me free, out of the chains and into the life He always intended for me. I love Him!

Today, I have a passion to see others come to really know Jesus and experience the huge love and freedom only He can give. My heart burns for those who are hurting, addicted, and forgotten by this world. I also like to laugh, cook, take long walks in nature, and enjoy a good cup of coffee with someone I love. It is my prayer that with each passing day, God will fan the flames of our hearts to worship Him, serve Him, and introduce the world to Him.

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My name is Ryan Haines and I am very excited to be an intern here at Street LIFE. My being here confirms the truths of Ezekiel 11:18-21 about how God changes the hearts of his people. I used to be a very bitter, profane and selfish person but, the grace of God was not without effect on me and He has given me a heart of compassion to love people and to share the saving news of Christ with them.

Even though I grew up in church I knew not God. By the time I got to college I would have called myself an atheist and I was just a wretched person. I was drenched in bitterness and there was no joy in me. After I exhausted just about every possible form of pleasure to find contentment I still found myself to be miserable and I just wanted to die. Then I realized that I hade given everything a fair chance to find satisfaction and joy, everything except God. So I opened my Bible and my eyes fell on Psalm 14:1 which says, “The fool says in his heart ‘there is no God’. They are corrupt, their deeds are vile; there is no one who does good.” That verse described me perfectly and for the first time in my life I thought, “… Maybe I am being a fool.” That was when God began to do a work in me.

Now my greatest desire is to know God and make him known. I serve an infinite God so how could I ever be content with the extent to which I know him? I praise Jesus for not only being my sin offering, but for also being my fellowship offering so that through the blood of Christ I am brought back into communion with my God and presented as blameless before him.