Prior to founding Beautiful One, Street LIFE Ministries ministered for years to women who work in the red-light district of one of Brazil’s biggest cities through banquets, birthday parties, and more, something we longed to carry back to NYC. So we started by praying for victims of human trafficking and women in both the adult industry and prostitution as part of the Queens House of Prayer, Flushing (see also As we sought God, a vision was born in our hearts to go beyond prayer and bring His love into the local strip clubs and massage parlors. Let’s be real: In some of these places, it goes beyond just massage or stripping.

In May 2013, the vision became a reality and we fell in love! A few of us brought roses to women in massage parlors, even though we could not communicate with them due to the language barrier. Their responses were beautiful: we found that the women were hungry for love and friendship. We continued to go, and God eventually provided a translator who speaks the exact dialect of Chinese that most of the ladies do!

In October 2013, we attended a training with Strip Church and subsequently joined their network of women and ministries who are also serving those in the industry. We are inspired by those represented in this network, and we’re humbled and thankful to be able to learn from their years of experience. Since then, we have expanded to more massage parlors and strip clubs and trained a number of volunteers to do outreach with us. In addition, we’ve started offering English classes to the many immigrants we meet at the massage parlors. We believe that God will continue to expand Beautiful One into all that He desires it to be!