Are you looking to get into missions but unsure? Here in New York City, we offer the perfect opportunity with our short and long term urban missions ministry internship.

If your heart beats for Jesus and HIS passions, then SLM may be the place for you. Street LIFE is seeking God for individuals, couples, and families whose passion is simply JESUS and all HE is about! His heart beats for His Bride & family and for those outside the family, the lost, poor, rejected, oppressed and for “the least of these.”We simply GO as a search and rescue team to make God known and real.

God is continually growing and developing our team as “followers of Jesus”, deepening relationship first and foremost with HIM, and with others. Living in community will challenge you to a deeper walk with Christ as you “live out” what you believe within the SLM team and before the people we serve on the streets. It takes a willing and obedient heart and then we see the breath of God blow upon our lives and transform us into HIS image.

Whether you just want to “test the waters” and come for a short period of time as an intern (3-12 months) to strengthen your walk with Christ and set a lasting foundation for your life, or you are hearing the “call of God” to lay it all down and come to New York City for an extended length of time, we would like to hear from you about serving with us.

That’s how it started for each of us here. All raise personal finances and have been met with obstacles and golden opportunities that suddenly present themselves as a detour to this sacrificial life of serving others! We count it a privilege to serve Jesus and extend HIS KINGDOM here in New York City and the world! He is transforming what the culture calls “weak” individuals and making us a “strong and resolute” team of Kingdom servants! Would you answer the call to spend your life so that others can come to know Him? Join our team here at Street LIFE Ministries!

Click here for a list of internship and staff opportunities.

If you would like to begin the application process, please email us for an application. Click here to email us or call 718-539-2324.