New Years Eve Outreach, Short Term Mission Trip, New York City


Please note at this moment we are fully booked for 2016! Please check back in 2017 or if you are interested in doing outreach check out: New York City Mission Trips.

Looking for a winter break missions trip? Whether your an individual looking to do more or youth groups looking to serve on a missions trip, join us in bringing in the New Year as we give out free hot chocolate, sing Christmas carols in Rockefeller Plaza, prayer walking around Times Square, and serving the homeless and poor through the Mobile Resource Center. Our NYE Outreach is packed with opportunities to share the love of Jesus to the many people who come to watch the ball drop without knowing that they are looking for the true meaning of celebration. We go to lovingly serve those who are cold and searching and to share the good news of the King.

A typical schedule looks like this: homeless outreach, Christmas caroling, prayer walking around Time Square and spending the afternoon and evening of New Year’s Eve offering prayer to the masses gathered in Times Square and around the city through Prayer Stations.

Come join us for our New Year’s Eve Outreach! This trip is opened to individuals, youth group, college-students and adults. We look forward to hosting and facilitating your short term missions trip.

Our next NYE Outreach: December 28th – Jan 1st, 2017

-Check out our Christmas Caroling @ Time Square Youtube Video


“On the 30th when we sang carols and did our prayer walk, I came upon a couple who were from Columbia. They were flight attendants and here only for the night. Both were very open and shared that they don’t trust the church but confessed their faith in Christ. The gentlemen specifically shared he has fallen away and wanted to draw closer to God. I prayed for each of them and it was a true divine appointment. I was exactly where God needed me to be at the right time. Praise God.”

– Justin Hendershott, Damascus Friends Church, 34