Children’s Outreach


The heart of our children’s outreach is to share the Truth of the Gospel with the kids in our community. We desire to be beacons of light and godly role models in a neighborhood where a vast array of nationalities and therefore religions are represented. Flushing alone has 179 different languages spoken! Many of the kids at our local park, Bowne Playground, have not grown up in Christian homes and some have shared that they have never heard the name of Jesus before.

Through the spring, summer and fall months we set up shop in Bowne Playground in Flushing and Moore Park in Elmhurst and offer free face painting along with bringing out sidewalk chalk, bubbles, and sports gear. As we spend time playing with the kids we are forming relationship and building trust with them and their parents.

We are so thankful for the opportunity to minister to the precious kids in our neighborhood and are praying for the transformation of their souls! We believe we are called not simply to live in a community but to impact and have affect on the lives around us, for the glory of the Lord.

If you are interested in volunteering, please visit our: Volunteer Page.

Or if you are interested in donating items for this outreach please visit our Dollar Days Wishlist . Our greatest needs for this outreach are sidewalk chalk, coloring books, bubbles etc. Anything we can use to engage the children.