House of Prayer


God’s house of prayer is not so much a physical location as it is a lifestyle for His people. We are all called to pray. As Jesus stands in a place of intercession, so are we to stand. The Queens House of Prayer, Flushing is a means for the Body of Christ to keep the flames of intercession burning. With the various prayer burdens placed upon our hearts by our Heavenly Father, there is a continuous work of intercession to be done. Just as Daniel read the words of the Prophet Jeremiah and prayed forth God’s will in his day, so we too must give ourselves to prayer, that the will of God may become manifest today.

Two hour prayer watches emphasizing the nations, our government, human trafficking, the youth, and more are open weekly to those interested. We’ve seen prayer make the difference time and time again. For example, we prayed that God would expose human trafficking in NYC. The next day we saw the answer through a newspaper article telling the story of a woman who was deceived with promises of a better life in America, only to be taken captive as a sex slave upon her arrival.

“It is written My house is the house of prayer.” – Luke 19:46 NKJV –

“The fire on the altar must keep burning; it must not go out. Every morning you are to add

firewood…The fire must be kept burning on continuously; it must not go out.” – Leviticus 6:12-13 NIV –

Interested in being a part of the House of Prayer?

Contact David Van Fleet or Jessica Hochreiter at 718-539-2324 or or

For more information please visit our QHOPF site.

Click here for calendar and schedule of prayer watches.

Important: If you are not a regular attendee of any of these watches, please call or email beforehand to confirm the time and location. You may also check the calendar for any updates.

Please note: December 16- January 3rd, 2016 we will not be meeting. Also in the summer time, our times for prayer watches are subject to change. Please call ahead of time.